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**** Feb 14, 2015:  FAMILY PICNIC and OTHER ACTIVITIES are to be announced shortly . ****


US Military Veterans TBI Rehabilitation Camp          (TBI means Traumatic Brain Injury)


We believe that the Lord has given us the following “assignment” to create an environment conducive to healing, healing of both the physical injuries and of the spiritual aspect of individuals and families.

Approximately 1.8 Million people are afflicted with TBI each year in in US, a situation that has both social and economic impacts upon the American society including individuals and families. 

As our nation's military personnel have been subjected to "roadside bombings", etc. TBI has been noted to be the 'signature" malady of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars on terror.  Our brave military men and women and their families have endured much hardship.  As the cognitive capabilities of some of our nation's military have been impaired, we must lend a hand to both help restore their capabilities while also providing employment opportunities to them.

As a TBI survivor, I, Richard Jackson and my wife, Bonnie Jackson, are planning an IRS 501c3, “US Military Veterans TBI Rehabilitation Camp” with the intent to help restore the TBI afflicted individuals to greater self-confidence and self-awareness. We also seek to help families – spouses and children - to bond through family outings. 

Through policy, the Pentagon and the Joint Chiefs of Staff support this type of effort to serve our Nation and support its heroes.


We intend to employ professional counseling and ideally appropriate MD and other medical support.  I seek to work with federal agencies and with military HR people to find employment for “graduates” of the “TBI” camp. 

In the future we will seek to expand the services offered to the community of disenfranchised people, citizens of Western Washington Counties especially those who find themselves and their families without employment and unable to sustain life.

We plan a facility covering several acres that includes housing, a food and clothing bank, a Laundromat, horse stables, dog runs, a Chapel, storage facilities, security guards, vegetable gardens, etc.

Additionally, based upon 2nd Chronicles 7:14, we seek to effect an attitude change in society so that the United States Government and its population will return to its trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and His provision.

We desire a return to the Judeo-Christian ethic and to the dependence of every member of USA society upon the provision of God in all matters of life.

In order to be able to keep up with our high standards of service and prior to our completing this site and publishing a quarterly newsletter, we ask for your patience.

Please stop by again. Thank you for your interest!